Award-Winning Travel Writer/Photographer
Rebecca L. Rhoades

Come, travel in my company as I take you on adventures across the country and the world. As a traveler, I love nothing more than exploring the world around me, from unexpected surprises in my own backyard to some of the world's greatest archaeological and cultural masterpieces. And as a writer and photographer, I want to bring those experiences and attractions to others. Someone recently told me that I "enjoy creating experiences," and he was right. I want to share the world with you, to take you with me, and let you see it through my eyes.

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To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company.” —Andre Gide
Exploring the world, one story, one photograph, one drink at a time.

Rebecca L. Rhoades is an award-winning travel writer/photographer living in Phoenix, Arizona. After graduating from college in the far northernmost region of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she fled the woods and ended up in New York City, where for 11 years she worked at various publications in the fields of health/medicine, high-tech and animal welfare. As the managing editor the No. 1 practical journal for physician assistants and nurse practitioners, she guided the magazine to a Gold Eddie Award win for best medical/healthcare/nursing publication.

Following a move to Philadelphia in 2006, she landed her dream job as an editor of a travel publication. Even though she had lived in multiple states, from Alaska to New Mexico to Michigan, while growing up, Rebecca didn’t begin traveling seriously until the last days of 1999, when she had the opportunity to attend the Millennium Celebration in Greenwich, England. It was her first international trip. Since then, she’s traveled to more than 35 countries on five continents and 40 states (c’mon Northwest states, it’s time for a visit!). Her current position as executive editor of a shelter publication has her writing about art, architecture, and design.

Her work as been featured in numerous print and digital publications, including AAA World, VIA, SJ First, AAA Now, Phoenix Home & Garden, PHOENIX, Bite {the magazine}, Wanderlust & Lipstick, Wing World, Culture: The Word on Cheese, South Jersey magazine, Destinations, The Culture-ist, Societe Perrier, RV Life, Christian Science Monitor, and many more. Over the years, her work has honored by the Society for American Travel Writers Western Chapter and the North American Travel Journalists Association, including NATJA’s Grand Prize for Travel Journalism. Most recently, she received a Folio Awards honorable mention best single article. For samples, go to Published Work.

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"I have had a number of articles written about me over the years, including a number of profiles in print publications as well as broadcast stories such as the recent national coverage by ABC, but none has come even close to your comprehensive overview and analysis." —Kevin Caron, artist "… the best article written about me in probably the last 10 years." —Will Bruder, architect